Product Review: Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Just For Her

Product Review: Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Just For Her


I reviewed the Swiss Navy 2-in-1 His and Hers a few weeks ago and was a little disappointed in the fact that both of its gels felt very much the same. So this week, I am excited to compare the Mild and the Wild of Swiss Navy’s 2-in-1 Just For Her.


Again, I love these bottles. Shaped like a deodorant applicator, this pump bottle has two pumps– one for Mild, and one for Wild. Unlike the His and…

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Salem Mayor Responds To Anti-LGBT Phone Calls In The Most Awesome Way

"We’re witnessing something that hasn’t been done in women’s basketball."

Tia Gibbs describing Shoni Schimmel’s popularity

The WNBA’s most popular jersey belongs to a Native American trailblazer you’ve probably never heard of

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What Is the Bechdel Test?

What Is the Bechdel Test?


Developed in 1985 by Alison Bechdel, the Bechdel Test now an important feminist staple when it comes to Western media and pop culturederived from HollyWOOD– which is typically a man’s world. This eye opening test was conceived and published in Bechdel’s comic series called Dykes to Watch Out For in a strip entitled The Rule. For this reason, sometimes this test is also referred to as the Bechdel…

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Anonymous Asked:
I am too young to buy lubricants (14) and I just started experimenting on feeling good :p Any at home remedies for lubricants?

Big props on your newly found pastime! *high five*

I’m unsure as to whether you have a penis or vagina from your question, which makes a big difference when it comes to lube. Since vaginal and anal masturbation are internal, you have to be very careful about putting any domestic products into your body.

As mentioned in Pick a Lube, Any Lube (Well, Not Any) coconut oil and olive oil can be used for female masturbation, but may lead to clogged pores or a build up of bacteria. Neither of these lubes is safe for use with latex condoms, FYI. 

Penal masturbation has a bit more leeway when it comes to using household products as lube, since it is a topical application, and not for internal use. Lotion, petroleum jelly and baby oil are standards for male masturbation, although be aware that these items will cause latex condoms to break if used during sex. 

Have fun, stay safe and happy masturbating!

Anonymous Asked:
any quick ways to receive an orgasm for beginners

Hey there! I’d love to help you out, but I am unsure as to what type of genitalia you have or if you are referring to “receiving an orgasm” from a partner, or through masturbatory means. 

Let me begin by saying that everyone is a unique individual.

But, clitoral stimulation from an egg or bullet toy plus additional G-Spot stimulation through fingering can lead to an ultra speedy orgasm for women. For men, a combination of prostate stimulation and stroking the shaft could do the trick. 

Toys certainly help to speed along the orgasm process, which is why they are so popular. Truly though, the better you know your own body, the easier and faster it will be to reach climax, whether you are by yourself or with a partner. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Anonymous Asked:
do you know any natural ways to become aroused? body parts, porn, imaging things, sexting and pretty much everything doesn't work....

Honestly, arousal is a deeply personal thing. Only you will know if something is a turn on for you, or not.

Many people are not stimulated by “typical” means. This is perfectly fine and should not be a source of stress. For instance, I’ve found that certain fabrics arouse me. Some people are only aroused when emotional touched by another, and other people masturbate simply to clear out their plumbing.

For some, it can take a long time to figure out what is and isn’t exciting for them. For others, it’s innate. To each their own. 

I suggest begin open minded with yourself and reading this article called Female Masturbation without Toys. It talks about really getting into “the zone.” 

Best of luck! 

Anonymous Asked:
Just masturbated for the first time with some help from your tips. Thanks! But I have a problem, my vag feels raw and it's uncomfortable to sit/stand. Did I do something wrong? I used the shower faucet method.

Congrats! We are simply ecstatic that you were able to use our tips for your self-pleasure and enjoyment!

Most likely, your vagina is dehydrated from the sheer amount of water you used. I recommend using a silicone-based lube next time, in order to stay hydrated and prevent this raw feeling from being so extreme. Personally, I prefer Pjur Original BodyGlide for masturbation in the shower. Here is an informative article about the various kinds of lube out there

That being said, A slightly raw feeling can be totally normal after masturbation. As long as there is no rash or bleeding involved, there is nothing to worry about. Muscle contractions and spasms can leave a sore feeling afterwards. Think of it like your legs being sore after your very first marathon.

You may not have to work so hard at it, once you know what “does it for you,” which will result in less rawness/tenderness during post masturbation activities. Additionally, your muscles may become stronger, resulting in less soreness. 

Best of luck, stay safe and have fun!