Lube Review: ID Glide

Lube Review: ID Glide


To boil it down to the essence of my experience, water-based ID Glide is my least favorite in the otherwise fantastics line of ID lubes. How disappointing.


Not only does this top selling lube contain both glycerinand glycol (sugars), they also threw some parabens in there. Here’s a big ol’ sarcastic, “Hip hip hooray!” for those sweet ingredients, ID. The naturally occurring yeast in my vagina…

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The Most Feminist Moments in Sci-fi History

Product Review: Pjur Woman Aqua

Product Review: Pjur Woman Aqua


You know I love Pjur, but I’m not always a fan of water-based lubes. However, Pjur’s Aqua For Women still blew me out of the water.


Right out the door, I love the style of bottle the 3.4 fl. oz Pjur Woman Aqua comes in. I wish more lube came with this type of applicator. It reminds me a little bit of Elmer’s glue (except there’s no point on the tip) or maybe of a Bingo dobber. I’ve never seen…

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17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex

The Spiciest Condoms On The Market

Celebrate Global Female Condom Day by learning more about these non-latex condoms which are worn by the receptive partner (either vaginally or anally— though no condoms are FDA approved for anal sex) or by picking up a FC2 condom to try at home. Help take back the power and spread the word!

Buyer’s Guide: Best Sex Toy Cleaners

Buyer’s Guide: Best Sex Toy Cleaners

Using sex toys can be fun treat, but using a toy that hasn’t been cleaned properly can lead to health problems, which is no fun at all.


As mentioned in Keep Your Dirty Stuff Clean and How to: Keep Your Sex Toy Like New, toy cleaners are the most effective means of ensuring your toy is free of any bacteriathat can lead to problems down the road such as bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis. Porous…

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The Logistics Of A Successful 69

The Logistics Of A Successful 69

Many get the idea of using the 69 position from watching adult films, but the reality can be a little more complicated, and sometimes far less sexy. If you want to make sure your 69 is going to be more than a D+, take a peek at these hints and tips!



Obviously, with the where the nose and mouth are positioned, you’re going to want to make sure things are relatively tidy down there. Maybe…

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Six Habits For A Happier, Healthier Vagina

Six Habits For A Happier, Healthier Vagina


A healthy vagina is a happy vagina. Whether you’re using it for sex or just interested in keeping things down there running as smoothly as possible, here are some easy tips to keeping that all-important part of your body healthy.

1. Drink lots of water. 2dRYkKh

I sat down, wrote that, and went and refilled my water bottle. Water is essential to a healthy body, and it’s essential to a happy vagina.…

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Lube Review: Pjur BodyGlide Woman

Lube Review: Pjur BodyGlide Woman


Normally, I loudly and proudly tout the wonders of silicone-based lube and of Pjur brand products, in particular. But, I’m willing to admit when something isn’t working as it should. After trying Pjur BodyGlide Woman all I could say was, “How can a lube be so dry?”


Granted, I’ve used copious amounts of lube before, especially when using water-based ones, but this was ridiculous. I literally used…

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